Alloa Half Marathon Training – Week 2

Alloa Half Marathon Training Week 2I can’t believe it’s already Sunday evening – this week has flown in! I’m still hating on the cold, dark evenings but otherwise training has been going well:

Monday: Personal training session

Tuesday: Intervals
4x800m at 6:55 pace, with 2 minutes walking recovery (actual pace: 7:03, 6:26, 7:08, 6:40)
I’m used to doing intervals on a long, flat stretch of cycle path but with it still being dark in the evenings I’ve had to suss out a new route. The first interval of this set was a serious struggle and I could not hit that 6:55 pace for the life of me!

I was starting to think that last weeks treadmill session had given me false confidence until I set off on my second repeat and realised I was easily doing well below 6:55. Turns out I was on a slight hill – woops!

I very rarely run hilly routes. This was initially intentional, and recently I’ve just been too lazy to try new routes. Still, I know how good hills are for making you faster so it certainly won’t have done me any harm!

Wednesday: Personal training session

Thursday: Tempo
4 miles at 8:15 pace
Similar to last week, this felt pretty hard which is a bit frustrating!

Friday: Rest
While this was technically a rest day I did spend the evening at a ceilidh dancing for 2 hours. Can I call that ‘active recovery’? I’d forgotten how much fun a good ceilidh can be – despite the resulting bruises and blisters!

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Long Run
8 miles at 8:45 pace
I really enjoyed Sunday’s run. It was a new route for me, and included a loop round Arthur’s Seat. I felt good the whole way and comfortably managed all of the flat miles at under 8:30 pace.

It’s amazing how much easier I’m finding my weekend runs compared to midweek tempos. I don’t know if it’s the daylight or just being a bit fresher without a day of work behind me.

Either way, I am so ready for winter to be over now. I’ve never been a fan of running in the dark so can’t wait to actually enjoy my evening runs again!


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