Motivation & Mobility Work – Weekly Training Recap

A recap of this week's training including a serious lack of motivation and a renewed commitment to regular mobility work!Hello! How is that another week over already?? I feel like my weekends are flying by even faster than usual at the moment! This week has been a bit hit and miss training wise. Here’s how I got on:

Monday: Personal training session

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Intervals
3x1600m at 7:15 pace
Another tough session – I really had to fight to stay under 7:15 on the final repeat. But, on the whole this session was much less of a struggle than last time I did mile repeats!

Thursday: Personal training session
My left knee had been feeling a wee bit dodgy throughout the day on Thursday. Sure enough, it only took bodyweight squats to give me a bit of pain. I ended up spending a fair bit of this session rolling and stretching my quads and calves.

Friday: Rest
I’d had a short tempo run planned but the combination of my tweaky knee, a lunchtime glass of wine and an absolutely miserable evening weather-wise resulted in me sacking it off in favour of mobility work. I did spend a good half hour getting re-acquainted with my foam roller and lacrosse ball though, so not a total waste!

A recap of this week's training including a serious lack of motivation and a renewed commitment to regular mobility work!

Saturday: Long Run
9 miles as 4-3-2 with 2 minutes walking recovery (actual pace: 8:00, 7:45, 7:45)
I woke up feeling exhausted and grumpy so it’s something of a miracle that I even made it out for this run! My motivation has generally been pretty good recently but I was so not up for this.

In all honesty, the main thing that got me out the door was the knowledge that, if nothing else, a good dose of endorphins would help shift my bad mood!

Once I got going I was pretty surprised at the paces I was managing to hit. The first two blocks flew in but on the third my legs felt heavy and my chest felt a bit tight. Probably nothing to worry about, just a combination of a mild cold and the cold wind. Nevertheless, I decided to call it a day at 9 miles and ditch the final 1 mile I’d had planned.

Sunday: Rest

Although this little niggle in my knee hasn’t really affected my running (no pain there, weirdly enough), it is a reminder that I’ve been totally neglecting mobility work. It’s only 6 weeks since I wrote about my running goals for 2017, one of which was exactly that. Aaand I’ve completely failed at that so far.

So, consider this a re-commitment to regular rolling and mobility work. I might start tracking it here alongside my running, if only to highlight when I’m failing to do it!

This week was week 5 of training for Alloa Half Marathon. You can find my previous weeks posts here:

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