Tech-Free Running – Alloa Half Marathon Training Week 4

A recap of this week's Alloa Half Marathon training including a tech-free running experiment that resulted in a new 5k PB at parkrun!

This week was a bit lighter on the running front, with no long run. I know I keep banging on about how dark it is, but I can finally see the end of winter! I managed to get both midweek runs finished before it got dark this week – hooray!

Monday: Personal training session

Tuesday: Intervals
6x400m at 6:30 pace, with 2 minutes walking recovery
I quite like 400m repeats – they make me feel fast whilst being short enough that the pain is over quickly! I’d been aiming for around 6:45 pace so was pretty happy to beat that on all six.

Wednesday: Personal training session

Thursday: Tempo
6 miles at 8:05 pace
I’m so pleased with this run – 6 miles at ever so slightly faster than my 10k PB pace! Annoyingly I accidentally stopped my watch for about half a mile in the middle so I can’t say for certain if I beat it, but to get that close to a PB on a training run feels like a solid sign that I’m getting faster!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Parkrun
5k in 22:44 (7:19 pace)
I mentioned earlier this year that one of my running goals is to get better at running by feel, so on Saturday at parkrun I did my first proper experiment with tech-free running.

I wore my garmin so I could record my splits, but tucked it under my sleeve. The plan was just to run by feel and push as hard as I could right til the end.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I went off too fast, with my first mile completed in bang on 7 minutes. I felt pretty controlled the whole way round though, and managed to resist the urge to peek at the halfway point. Not knowing how close I was to a PB definitely helped me to push the pace – I didn’t want to finish and discover I’d missed out by a few seconds when I could have gone harder.

I finished in 22:44, a solid 45 seconds faster than the PB I set in December. It’s hard to know whether I’d have managed that if I’d been eyeing up my pace the whole way round as usual.

On the one hand, I probably have got a bit faster/fitter over the last 6 weeks. That said, I wouldn’t have believed I could hold that pace for 5k and I reckon if I’d known that I was on track for a PB anyway, I might not have pushed quite so hard over that last mile.

Either way, I’m going to continue ditching my watch for parkruns and hopefully get a bit better at maintaining an even pace the whole way round.

Sunday: Rest

I feel like I really needed a bit of a lighter weekend on the running front. This week it’s back to 1600m repeats and another 10 miler though so not too much rest!

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