The Final Long Run – Weekly Training Recap

This past week has been a bit of a weird one. I’m away to London for a few days for work at the moment so my training schedule is a little all over the place!

I squeezed in an extra PT session last week which meant only 2 runs, one of which was my final long run. Only 2 weeks til race day now though – eek!

Monday: Personal Training

Tuesday: Rest
I felt pretty exhausted after a heavy weekend and Sunday’s 12 miles so ditched my intervals. I feel much more chilled about missing the odd run here and there since my last half where I missed weeks of training and still ran a good race.

Wednesday: Personal Training

Thursday: Tempo
6 miles at 8:10 pace
A quick run squeezed in after finishing work & before heading off to a pub quiz. I skipped my warm up to save on time which is probably why the first couple of miles felt so tough!

Friday: Personal Training
I almost managed 3 full pull-ups for the first time (2 full, one halfway up!) which was pretty cool and makes me feel super strong!

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Long Run
4 x 2 miles at 8:00 pace (actual pace: 8:10, 8:01, 8:13, 8:10)
Since I ditched my intervals earlier I decided to do my final long run as a bit of a faster session. It felt way tougher than it should have. How can I run a 5k at 7:20 pace but struggle to hold 8:00 for 2 miles!?  I know that this is just the way it goes – some runs you’re flying, others your legs feel like lead. Still, a bit of a frustrating way to end the week!

Anybody else have those runs where everything just feels harder than it should??


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