Track Running & Horrible Hills – Weekly Training Recap

track runningLessons I’ve learnt this week: running on the track is fun, and hills hurt when you don’t run them often. Who knew?

Monday: Personal Training

Tuesday: Rest
I actually attempted some 400m repeats but only got two completed before developing a serious side stitch. No idea where that came from but hopefully it was a one-off!

Wednesday: Personal Training

track running

Thursday: Tempo
3 miles at 8:00 pace
I’m off work on study leave at the moment so spent a few days back at my parents in Stirling. This run was a quick wee loop up to the uni, round the loch and back home.

Friday: Intervals
6x800m at 7:00 pace with 45s jogging recovery
I ran these on the track at the uni and it was SO good. I love track running, and found these way more comfortable than similar workouts I’ve done recently. I’m feeling like I might have a sub 22 minute 5k in me soon after that!

track running

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Long run
9 miles at 8:40 pace
A bit of a longer run to scope out the EMF 10k route which I’m running at the end of May. The course takes you round Arthur’s Seat, but there’s an added loop round Duddingston Loch that I wanted to check out.

I hardly ever run any proper hills (and am forever saying to myself that I should!). My calves were protesting rather a lot climbing Arthur’s Seat though and I’m definitely feeling them come Monday morning!

On the whole though, the course isn’t as bad (read: hilly) as I’d thought. Sure, there’s the big climb at the start, but after that there’s a lot of downhill and only a gradual drag back up from the loch. The course is definitely tougher than Stirling where I set my PB last September, but I’m also a good bit fitter than I was then so it’ll be interesting to see how I get on. I guess that’s the fun of it!

All in all, a good week’s running. This week I’ve got one last exam to get through and then a weekend away in Aviemore to recover. Perfect!


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