Stirling 10k Race Recap – 2017

Stirling 10k Race Recap 2017I’m learning the hard way that stringing 3 races together in the space of 4 weeks, in amongst exams, may not have been my best idea! I’m honestly so ready for a wee break now. Hopefully by the time I’m caught up on writing race recaps I’ll be back to some form of regular training!

Anyway, on to the Stirling 10k race recap! I went into this race with a fair bit of uncertainty about how I’d get on. My training has been a bit all over the shop lately, but Stirling is a nice flat course. Much better PB potential than my last 10k on a very hilly, hot race in June!

Stirling 10k Race Recap 2017

Excuse the dodgy blurry photos, by the way. My usual photographer had managed to worm his way out of supporting & I didn’t fancy teaching my mum how to use my camera!

It was a miserable day, but fairly cool and calm so actually pretty ideal running conditions. Other than a quick shower as we were all huddled up at the start, it stayed mostly dry. After a small delay due to the ‘Start’ arch deflating, we were off.

I settled into a rhythm early on, and took advantage of knowing the course to stick to the shortest route. A couple of miles in I passed my parents and gratefully received a cheer from Mary who was marshalling.

Miles 1-3 splits: 7:32, 7:30, 7:44

Stirling 10k Race Recap 2017

The road out along Cambuskenneth seemed to drag on forever, but I finally reached the turning point. Less than 3 miles to go, and still feeling reasonably strong.

Back over the bridge into Riverside, and along the river for about 400m where the road dips down and then back up fairly steeply. It’s hardly even a hill, but honestly, 5 miles in it’s enough to just about end me!

I remember wondering how such a tiny short incline could seem like such a struggle last year, and this time was no different!

Anyway, I made it past it and internally gave thanks that I wasn’t huffing & puffing away quite as loudly as the guy next to me 😉 Still, the last mile was really tough and I was pretty glad when the finish line came into sight. A final burst of speed and I was over the line, finishing in 47:28.

Miles 4-6.2 splits: 7:33, 7:50, 7:46, 1:33

Stirling 10k Race Recap 2017

In hindsight I was probably a little ambitious and went out too fast, but still very happy with an (almost) 3 minute PB. There’s no medals at this race, but any race that includes chocolate biscuits in it’s goody bags gets a thumbs up from me!

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