2018 Running Goals

2017 running goalsHappy New Year! And happy first-Saturday-of-the-year too. I was SO glad to only have a 3 day week at work before being able to chill again. I never quite manage to get into the New Year’s mindset until at least a few days into the year!

Having said that, I did manage two runs in the first 5 days, which is only one less than the whole of December! Between an achilles injury, two bouts of that bloody cold that everyone seems to have had, and general festive laziness, running has taken a serious backseat over the last couple of months.

If you fancy checking out how I got on last year, you can read my 2017 Running Goals and 2017: Looking Back posts. For now though, time to focus on the year ahead and my 2018 running goals!

2018 Running Goals - Garmin Fenix 5s

I’m really excited to get back to it, and treating myself to a new running watch has certainly helped! This year I’m planning to focus on shorter distances – parkrun and maybe the odd 10k.

My 5k time has always been better than my half marathon PBs, and both times I’ve been injured it’s been after trying to increase my mileage. So, the plan is to build my mileage (and hopefully some speed!) slowly.

Once I’m back to running consistently, I might think about a half again, but for now I’m quite excited to attempt a fast 5k. I’m also really keen to run some of the Sri Chinmoy 1 and 2 mile races this summer.

A recap of this week's training including a serious lack of motivation and a renewed commitment to regular mobility work!

So here’s some goals and aims for the year:

Run a sub 20 5k

Let’s start with the most ambitious, eh? I’m fully aware that going from 21:43 (though realistically, my current 5k time is probably slower) to sub 20 in a year is a huge ask. I’m quite content to chip away at this goal and accept that it may well take much longer. I like having something big and slightly scary to aim for though, and this certainly fits the bill!

Get more rest

Yes, I am making it my New Year’s Resolution to sleep more 😂. In all seriousness though, whilst I do want to get into a better sleep routine, I’m mainly talking about building rest into my training plans. I tend to go full pelt at things until I’m completely exhausted and end up burnt out. Not great from an injury-prevention perspective, or even just a general life point of view.

So, more sleep and more regular cutback weeks. Surely that can’t be too difficult!?

Do mobility work or yoga at least once a week

Last year I resolved to get better at regular foam rolling and mobility work and failed massively. So, in an attempt to at least start off on the right foot, I’ve signed up for a 6 week beginner’s yoga course starting tomorrow. I’ve never actually done a yoga class before so am slightly scared, but I’m hoping that having a class to go to will help ensure that I do some kind of stretching at least once a week.

Anybody else got some big 2018 running goals?


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