Getting Back in the Swing of Things – Weekly Training Recap

Not gonna lie, I find it really satisfying that my week fits in neatly with the start of the year! This week was all about getting back in the swing of things, so nothing too crazy. My personal trainer is still on holiday til next week so no strength sessions til then which was quite nice!!

Monday: Rest
New Year’s Day! Safe to say I was not feeling up to anything more strenuous than walking from the sofa to the fridge…

Tuesday: Easy Run
3.5 miles at 9:30 pace
With my niggly achilles I hadn’t ran more than 3 miles since the end of October so this felt like a milestone of sorts. It was a very easy, slow run but felt good to get out for longer than 20 minutes!

Wednesday: Rest
First day back at work after Christmas so I was more than happy to come home and collapse on the sofa!

Thursday: Easy Run
2.5 miles at 9:10 pace
Another slow run to ease myself back in. I’d planned 4 miles but it was cold & wet and it was enough of a struggle to get myself out the door so I settled for a shorter route.

getting back in the swing of things(Photo from an even shorter run before New Year – I didn’t take any photos this week!)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Intervals
5 x 400m at 6:50 pace
After a few easy runs I fancied having a go at some intervals to see how I’d get on. They were tough and I’ve definitely lost a bit of speed over the last couple of months, but I loved running a bit faster and am looking forward to the challenge of getting fitter!

Sunday: Yoga
My first ever class! I was actually a bit nervous about this but really enjoyed it in the end. Though, if it wasn’t for the strength/mobility stuff I do in my PT sessions I think I might have struggled a bit! Here’s hoping I’ll stick with it after this 6 week course…

I’m really pleased with my first week back – looks like my unplanned extended break was just what I needed to shake the injury and get some motivation back! This week I’m planning to tackle parkrun to see where I’m at. I’m a bit scared to see how slow I might be, but at least it’ll give me a starting point!


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