Race History

This page lists all the races I’ve ever ran, along with results and links to race recaps, plus my upcoming races and current personal bests. You can use the links below to jump to each section, or keep reading for a bit of background.

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Race History
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Background: Sep14 – Mar16

My first foray into running came in late September 2014, when I decided to enter a half marathon for the following March. I was hoping to use this as motivation to get back into exercise and lose some weight. It didn’t quite work out like that…

Between then and January 2015 I ran a grand total of… 2 miles (actually, if we’re being completely accurate – 1.9 miles, which took me 24 minutes). I was taking this challenge very seriously, obviously. At this point I realised that I needed to get my shit together, and was convinced by my parents to enter a 15k trail race in February as a ‘warm-up’ to the half.

Absolutely knackered after my first half marathon!

Having worked my way up to a longest run of 6 miles, I somehow made it round the 9ish miles of the trail race (but not without having a wee cry to myself about 10k in – yep, really!). After that my training consisted of two 10 milers and one 6 mile run before tackling Alloa Half Marathon.

Miraculously, I made it the whole way round without walking, finishing in 2 hours, 27 minutes. I promptly signed up to another half, telling myself that this time I’d train. To cut a long story short, I didn’t. It took a year and 2 more half marathons I was woefully unprepared for before I finally decided to do some proper training.

My 3rd half marathon – slightly less knackered!

Background: Apr16 – Now

I set myself the fairly ambitious goal of running a sub 2 hour half at the Great Scottish Run in October 2016, and from that April I gave the whole ‘training’ thing a go. Turns out, it actually does make you faster. Who knew?

A combination of losing weight, running consistently, and throwing in some speedwork meant I made big improvements and finished my 4th half marathon in 1:53:33, taking more than 30 minutes off my previous PB. I was absolutely over the moon – I’d always thought of anything under 2 hours as super fast and I’d never considered myself a fast runner!

Great Scottish Run 2016

That race gave me the confidence to keep going with running and see just how much faster I can get. Since then I’ve been running consistently, and have improved on my half marathon, 5k and 10k times. I’ll continue to track my training and progress on here and hopefully there are a few more PB’s to come!

Upcoming Races

None (just parkrun for now!)

Race History

Stirling Aquathlon, October 2017: 37:40

Scottish Half Marathon, September 2017: 1:45:21 (Current PB)

City of Stirling 10k, September 2017: 47:28 (Current PB)

Haddington Half Marathon, August 2017: 1:47:38

Sri Chinmoy 1 Mile, June 2017: 6:23 (Current PB)

EMF 10k, June 2017: 50:21

Alloa Half Marathon, March 2017: 1:47:06 

Edinburgh Great Winter Run 5k, January 2017: 24:42

Great Scottish Run (Half Marathon), October 2016: 1:53:33

City of Stirling 10k, September 2016: 50:25

Glasgow Women’s 10k, June 2016: 57:00

Alloa Half Marathon, March 2016: 2:23:54

Skye Half Marathon, June 2015: 2:36:32

Alloa Half Marathon, March 2015: 2:27:33

Devilla Forest 15k, February 2015: 1:47:16

Personal Bests

1 mile: 6:23 28th June 2017, Sri Chinmoy 1 mile

5k: 21:43 – 3rd June 2017, Edinburgh Parkrun

10k: 47:28 – 10th September 2017, City of Stirling 10k

Half Marathon: 1:45:21 – 24th September 2017, Scottish Half Marathon